Patuxent River Naval Air Station

AXIS GeoAviation LLC was contracted to fly runways 6-24 & 14-32 at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in an effort to capture the concrete joint lines on the runways.  HD-LiDAR was acquired at 7 ppsm using a Trimble Harrier 68i system.

Fire Island New York LiDAR

Remotely sensed, geographically referenced elevation measurements were collected by AXIS GeoAviation LLC using airborne LiDAR sensors. The purpose of this project was to acquire LiDAR and Imagery covering the entirety of Fire Island to provide an accurate surface model of project area topography.

The data covers the project area located in Suffolk County, NY and includes the towns of Babylon and Fair Harbor. The project area is bounded by the Great South Bay and Long Island on the north and west sides and the Atlantic Ocean to the East. The total project acquisition area for Fire Island is a 32.7 mile long corridor.

Great Circle Rail LiDAR

AXIS GeoAviation LLC provided fixed wing LiDAR and imagery services, processing of raw data to an unclassified point cloud in .LAS format, and map production to support a proposed replacement tunnel corridor. The broad swath is being used to facilitate the optimization of the proposed alignment.  Project utilized a Cessna 206H aircraft equipped with a Trimble Harrier 68i sensor.