AXIS GeoAviation LLC (AGA) is collecting HD-LiDAR, transforming the way you view the world. AGA is the only firm on the east coast with a Riegl LMS-Q1560 LiDAR scanner capturing 25 points per square meter with imagery in a single flight.  Utilizing fixed wing aircraft, we provide LAMP quality data.  The specifications for each sensor is located below:

We don’t live in a flat word, everything is spatial and location matters.  From 3D-modeling to providing your clients with their customized application, AGA captures the data you need.  Our team can provide all Quality Levels of LiDAR data (QL1, QL2 & QL3) in addition to Hi-Definition-LiDAR.

15231 TRACK AIRUtilizing the Track’Air Flight Management System platform software package integrates with an office software suite used to plan a sensor mission. The mission plan is uploaded into the HCC to enable real time navigational monitoring and flight path management by the air crew.

AGA utilizes our 2004 Cessna 206H normally aspirated aircraft for all HD-LiDAR missions. This highly stable, rugged and dependable aircraft was chosen for its load carrying capacity, rough field landing ability and low speed performance characteristics, as well as its reasonably high cruising speed as an optimal platform for our needs. The aircraft is staffed by two jet rated pilots, who are highly experienced in the intricacies of flying around complex and at times challenging airspace. Having to highly rated pilots in the aircraft means two sets of eyes and ears to monitor the airspace around the aircraft and maintain a close watch on communications with air traffic control.

As an added safety capability, our plane is fitted with a Garmin G1000 Avionics package. This sophisticated navigation, communication, weather radar and terrain modeling system is known as a “glass cockpit”, which would normally only be seen in a larger plane or jet. The ability to be fully aware of the environment around the plane, the location and proximity of restricted airspace, oncoming weather, as well be able to make informed navigational decisions based on all of these inputs affectively increases the safe operating envelope of this aircraft significantly. The aircraft is configured and capable of carrying the HD-LiDAR system, pilot, system operator/pilot and a law enforcement officer without compromising performance or safety.

Sample unclassified point cloud data is shown below.