Fall Hill Avenue

Axis GeoAviation acquired hi-definition lidar and aerial imagery for this project in Fredericksburg Virginia.

Using a Riegl VQ 1560i sensor in a fixed wing aircraft, AXIS acquired lidar data at 26 points per square meter point density.

Project area was 64 acres.

Collington Branch LiDAR

Using a fixed wing aircraft and a Riegl VQ1560i sensor, AGA acquired hi-definition lidar and imagery for this stream restoration project.

Data was acquired at a 25 points per square meter density. Project area was 1,907 acres.

Palm Beach County LiDAR

AXIS GeoAviation LLC was contracted to provide HD-LiDAR acquisition services for the county encompassing approximately 1,994 square miles in Florida.

LIDAR was collected at 6 ppsm point density using the Riegl LMS-Q1560 sensor.